Consultation Forum

The EMDR Training Associates’ (ETA) bulletin board is a great resource for ETA EMDR students and trained EMDR professionals. It houses a private Consultation Forum that provides ongoing support from multiple EMDRIA Approved Consultants. The forum contains a searchable archive of more than 15 years of discussions and 25,000 posts. There is also a Reference and Reading Materials Forum on many articles related to EMDR that members have access to as well.

Members of our ETA bulletin board can make posts about conditions/situations and request guidance on how to proceed. They can respond to posts as well.

  • As a supplement to face-to-face consultation, students in our Basic Training courses receive a membership to the bulletin board. Though student memberships end the following August, students are able to continue with a subscription membership.
  • EMDR professionals can also become members of the ETA bulletin board and thereby can view the numerous posts and resources on the system. They can also create posts and receive support from the EMDRIA Approved Consultants. For further information, contact Alivia Maric

Once a member of the ETA bulletin board, you will be sent an ID and password to login to the system. Some guidelines on how to use the system and instructions on how to change your settings will also be sent to new members. As a member of the ETA bulletin board, each day you will receive an email that includes the list of posts for the previous 24-hour period. Members are able to reply to specific posts and/or create and send posts once logged-in to the system via the links in the emails. Members can also login to the system directly (, enter the Consultation Forum, and post from there.