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Step 1. Complete and Submit Registration Request Form (below)

  • Please follow the formats given in the examples below each field,
  • Please DO NOT use the # sign anywhere in your information, and
  • Please use ALL-CAPS only where indicated.
e.g, RCC, RSW, RPsych, etc.--Please NO punctuation.
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PLEASE SPELL-OUT FULLY: e.g., 123-4560 North Burnaby Street; and please DO NOT use the number sign [#] and NO punctuation.
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*IMPORTANT* for those with YAHOO or YMAIL email addresses: After you have completed this form and clicked SUBMIT (below), please contact the registrar to confirm that your registration request has been received ( ).
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PRESSING SUBMIT notifies us of your intention to take the course.

Step 2. Pay the $100 Deposit Fee

  • Once your registration has been approved by the registrar, you will be sent an email with instructions for payment of deposit and fees.
  • The $100 deposit fee is required to secure your place in the training. This deposit is part of the course fees. For more about fees, see the Fees & Cancellations page.


Alivia Maric, PhD, RPsych
Telephone: 604-251-7275