Basic Training FAQs

1. Why are the eligibility requirements so specific?

The training offered has been reviewed and approved by the International EMDR International Association (EMDRIA). In order to meet the criteria of EMDRIA, we adhere to their eligibility criteria for participants. Please refer to EMDRIA’s eligibility requirements for basic EMDR training, our Prerequisites page, and EMDR Canada’s website for further information as well.

2. I’m a student in a graduate program in a mental health field, but I’m just now doing my courses/I’m not in practicum/internship yet. Can I take the training?

The eligibility criteria specify that students be finished their coursework and be in practicum/internship at the time of the training. Before you start the training, you are required to submit a memorandum of understanding between you and your supervisor supporting your use of EMDR in your practicum/internship. For further information, please contact the registrar. Also, see Question 6 regarding seeing clients while taking the training.

3. I have a graduate degree, but it’s not in a mental health field (or I have a degree in a mental health field, but it’s not a graduate degree). Can I take the training?

No. See Prerequisites page.

4. I can’t attend all the days/hours of the training weekends. Is that okay?

You are required to complete all the components of the training in order to receive your Certificate of Completion. If you miss a section or a day of the training (due to illness, other commitments, etc.), you will need to attend a future training to complete the section/day you missed.

5. I am unable to attend one of the training weekends in my area. Can I attend the equivalent weekend in Vancouver?

Vancouver is unable to accept partial registrations. If you wish to attend a Vancouver training, it must be completed in its entirety.

6. I don’t have any clients currently. Should I take the training?

At the time of the training, you must have clients with whom you can utilize EMDR. EMDR is a complex therapeutic approach and, if you don’t have an opportunity to use it, you may not fully benefit from the training. Also, you must be using EMDR with clients in order to complete the consultation requirement of the training.

7. I see there is a practicum during the trainings. Do I have to find clients and a supervisor for this?

The practicum portions of the training occur during the training weekends. These practice sessions are conducted with fellow participants and are facilitated by EMDR therapists.

8. I don’t live in Vancouver so I can’t attend the consultation meetings (or I work at the time the consultation meetings). How will I complete the consultation hours?

An online forum is made available for all participants in the training. Participants post cases and provide input through this online format. EMDRIA Approved Consultants oversee and contribute to the forum. Substantive posts are given a time equivalency so that participants can complete their hours using this format.

9. I have a supervisor or colleague who is trained in EMDR. Can I do the consultation hours with them instead of attending the consultation meetings or using the online forum?

In order to meet the criteria for the basic training, consultation must be done with an EMDRIA Approved Consultants.

10. Is there a deadline for completing the EMDR trainings?

As of January 1, 2017, participants must complete both training weekends and 10 hours of consultation within 24 months of the Session 1 training start-date, except under extenuating circumstances.

11. Once I’m finished the Basic Training I’ll be a Certified EMDR Therapist—Is this correct?

You will receive a Certificate of Completion when you finish all the components of the basic training (2 training weekends and 10 consultation hours completed by attendance at consultation meetings or though posting to the online forum–see Question 7). In your promotional material you can state, for example, that you have completed the basic training in EMDR. However, the designation Certified EMDR therapist refers to a therapist who has completed the basic training, as well as additional consultation hours and continuing education in EMDR. For further details of this designation, see or

12. Can I pay for the training using my credit card?

We don’t have credit card processing capacity for the Vancouver trainings, however you can pay via PayPal, which you can setup to use your credit card. Send an email to the registrar requesting this option and instructions will be forwarded to you.

13. Is there a payment plan?

Yes. Send an email to the registrar to arrange this.